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Who Do I Treat?


I work with clients that are feeling overwhelmed, and anxious. They are struggling in their relationships, with body image, and addiction. They could be perfectionists that look great on the outside, but never feel good enough on the inside. Some clients never really notice what they are feeling because they are more attuned to the people around them, focused on the image they show the world, or have numbed their feelings with various kinds of addictions. You deserve healthy relationships, and a life of fulfillment and meaning. I can help you find that with my unique blend of Interpersonal Neurobiology and Narrative-Focused Care. We will take a look at how your brain and relationships were shaped early in life and how it impacts your story and who you are today. Brains are neuroplastic and can be changed with the right interventions.

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I work with couples that are tired of the same old patterns, and the same old fights. They are ready to make major changes in themselves and in their relationship to experience true relational intimacy, acceptance, and love. I take a directive approach to help you identify where you are getting stuck, what you need to do differently (and I will teach you how!) so that you can experience lasting change. I have trained with the Gottman Institute to lead workshops on Bringing Baby Home and The Seven Principles to Make Marriage Work, and with Terry Real's Relational Life Level One and Level Two.

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Faith-Based Trauma

The faith-based clients that I see have often grown up in the church. They feel disillusioned in their relationship with God, and hurt by the people that profess to love Him. I use my knowledge of how early attachment relationships, neurobiology, and the impact trauma has had on your story. I have extensive training in understanding trauma, theology, and spiritual formation. We will work in session to bring healing, freedom, and redemption. I am currently enrolled with The Allender Institute Narrative-Focused Trauma Care Level 2.

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